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Chevy Electric vehicles in Sanannah, MO


EV and Hybrids at Victory Chevrolet of Savannah

As more manufacturers realize the future of electric and hybrid models, there will be more options available for buyers. Hybrid and EV vehicles are the two most prevalent types of alternative fuel vehicles available today. For customers considering their first such vehicle, they may not realize what these terms mean or the difference in vehicles.



Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid models have both an electric motor and a traditional gasoline engine. The vehicle runs on the engine just like with any other model, but the electric motor improves fuel efficiency because it performs as a generator. Regenerative braking helps improve fuel usage by storing energy that is released when the brake is activated until the next time you need to accelerate.

Hybrid vehicles are a great introduction into the world of alternative fuel transportation because they are more affordable, and they still use components and processes with which you are familiar. These models can be your only method of transportation because the gasoline engine keeps you going until you need to refuel.

The only downside to a hybrid is it leaves a bigger carbon footprint than electric models. However, it’s a great way to get into energy-saving vehicles.

Electric Models

An electric vehicle never needs to stop at a gas station because it doesn’t use any gasoline. These models don’t even have gas engines or other components like traditional vehicles. You don’t have a gas tank, spark plugs, or oil filter. You don’t even need to change the oil, which cuts down on maintenance.

EV models also provide a quiet ride because there isn’t any engine noise. No emissions mean it’s good for the environment. EV models have a higher price than other vehicles, but prices will go down as more models are introduced.




Chevrolet Electric Vehicles

2023 Bolt EV

The Bolt EV is an incredibly affordable option for those looking to get their next electric vehicle. It has an EPA-estimated range of 259 miles, allowing you to go great distances without having to worry about needing a recharge. Once you make your way inside, you’ll notice the 10.2-inch diagonal color touch-screen, which gives you a lot more versatility on the road. You’ll be able to easily connect your phone, giving you access to all of your favorite playlists, as this model features both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. On top of this, you’ll have 57 cubic feet of space in the back. When you’re trying to get ready for your next road trip, you’ll have the range, space, and comfort to make it happen.

2023 Bolt EUV

The 2023 Bolt EUV packs a range of 247 miles, 56.9 cubic feet of space, and some amazing technology into one affordable model. When you’re behind the wheel, you’ll be able to take advantage of your Driver Information Center, which can tell you everything from your battery range to your Driver Efficiency Gauge. You can also connect your phone in a similar fashion to the Bolt EV, as this model also sports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. When you’re looking for futuristic technology, you’ll also want to keep an eye on what Super Cruise can do for you. When you opt for this package, you’ll be able to experience hands-free driving on select roads. Simply press the button, and watch as your vehicle handles the steering, acceleration, and more for you. While you’ll still need to keep your eyes on the road ahead, you’ll be able to relax on longer trips.

Upcoming Models

Are you curious about the future of Chevrolet? Recently, they’ve announced some up-and-coming models that are sure to make an impact on the electric scene. The brand-new Silverado EV will hit the market soon, bringing all the capability of a hard-working truck to the table. When you’re handling rough jobs, this truck will surely be up for the job. There’s also the Blazer EV, which gives you a lot more space to work with when compared to the current electric models available. You’ll be able to reserve both of them now so that you can be one of the first to get your hands on them when they come out. Another standout option is the upcoming Equinox EV, which features a GM-estimated range of 300 miles on a full charge. It also boasts some impressive technology like a 17.7-inch Diagonal Freeform Display. When it comes to your next family model, you’ll want to keep a close eye on this one.

More Electric Vehicle Benefits

While you’re sure to appreciate the low cost of maintenance for these models, there are plenty of other benefits that you’re going to want to consider when moving forward with your purchase. For instance, you might want to look at:

  • The Lower Fuel Prices: Gasoline can get incredibly expensive, and the price can fluctuate constantly. When you’re looking to save on fuel, switching to electricity is a great option. You’ll find cheaper rates, and the prices are much more stable in comparison.
  • Charging From Your Home: When you outfit your house with the proper equipment, nothing is stopping you from charging your model at your home. This makes it so that you can wake up every morning to a vehicle with a full range. Since you’ll always be ready for the road ahead, it’s unlikely that you’ll even have to use a public charging station unless you plan on taking a road trip.
  • Tax Credits: If the prices of electric models are making you worry, you’re going to want to check for local, state, and federal tax credits first. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find benefits that are associated with your purchase.
  • No Emissions: It’s easy to glance over the fact that these models put out zero emissions, but it means that you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

Find out about these models and how they fit your lifestyle when you take one for a test drive. Stop by Victory Chevrolet of Savannah to discover how to make one of these EV models your next new ride today.