The winter months in Savannah, MO can wreak havoc on a vehicle, which means that it is vital that you have it serviced regularly. At Victory Chevrolet, we can help with oil changes, tire rotations and other routine maintenance that will keep your vehicle working well as the weather gets colder and the roads get wetter. You can schedule a service appointment online at your earliest convenience.

Get Your Fluids Flushed and Topped Off

Flushing fluids can rid your engine of debris that could clog it or otherwise force it to work harder than it already has to. Changing your engine’s oil can remove shavings and other particles that may hinder its ability to keep its metal parts properly lubricated. Finally, be sure to have more windshield wiper fluid added to the reservoir to ensure that you can keep your glass clean.

Have the Electrical Components Checked

A cold battery may struggle to start your vehicle in the morning, and the same is true of a battery that is more than three or four years old. However, a weak starter or alternator could also make it difficult to generate enough electricity to turn your car on. If your car or truck’s lights dim unexpectedly while driving, it could be a sign that you need service right away. You can make the short drive from Maryville, MO to our service center for more help.

Have the Heater and Exhaust System Inspected

If there is problem with your car’s exhaust pipe, it may allow carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals to get into the cabin. This may cause you to lose consciousness or experience other health issues while driving. Insufficient heating could be a sign of a significant engine problem, and it could also result in the car being too cold to operate safely around Platte City.

Examine Windshield Wipers and Tires

Windshield wipers that are old or cracked could cause streaks or other imperfections that may make it harder to see when driving. Ideally, you should replace them before driving in inclement weather around Saint Joseph, MO. Tires can lose pressure in cold weather, which makes it vital that they are checked frequently. Failure to do so could result in a loss of traction while driving in Leavenworth, KS.

Schedule a Service Today

When you’re ready, we invite you to schedule a service out of our service center and we can get your car ready for whatever winter conditions you will see this season. We look forward to helping you today!

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