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Suspension Service at Victory Chevrolet of Savannah

When you first bought your new Trailblazer or Equinox at Victory Chevrolet of Savannah, it was effortless to drive. Your hands rested gently on the steering wheel as you glided down the road. Sadly, as time passed and the mileage on your new Chevy increased, you found that your driving experience was beginning to degrade. The wheel tugged more, you needed to increase your grip, and the ride was not as smooth as it had once been. And if you took a quick look at your tires as these issues intensified, you might have noticed some patchy or uneven wear on the tire tread. All of these are signs that your Chevrolet needs some attention from the automotive experts at Victory Chevrolet of Savannah for a suspension inspection and service.

The Vital Service Of Suspension

The ride of any vehicle is essential for passenger comfort, but the suspension in your car, truck or SUV provides an even more vital service. Without proper suspension components, your vehicle would bounce over all of the imperfections and potholes in the road, making it impossible to control. So you should look at your vehicle’s suspension as an essential safety system rather than something focused on creature comfort.

How To Detect Degraded Suspension

Most suspension wear happens slowly, making it tougher for a driver to detect. The bounce and rebound of the shocks increased over months, not from one day to the next. So you are less likely to notice the change in your daily driver. But a different driver might instantly notice any of the following signs of wear to the suspension, including:

  • The car does not drive straight down the road
  • The vehicle leans significantly when the brake is applied
  • The car pulls, drifts, or wanders, which is specifically noticeable when turning
  • The ride feels less smooth
  • Loud squeaking when turning or gently touching the brakes

There are also a few signs of damaged or worn suspension that you might visually detect when the vehicle is parked. These hints include:

  • The car does not sit level when parked; one side or corner will be lower than the others
  • When you lean on the car, it will repeatedly bounce when you remove your weight
  • There is significant uneven wear to the tire tread
  • You can see damage to the shocks or struts when looking under the vehicle
  • Oil or grease is leaking from the suspension components

When you notice any of these indications of worn suspension, call us or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment for a professional suspension inspection and service from the team at Victory Chevrolet of Savannah.

Always Make Safety A Priority

When the suspension on your vehicle is worn or damaged, there is an increased potential for the car to roll or begin to bounce uncontrollably. Both of these safety hazards are entirely avoidable with a short and affordable visit to the service department at Victory Chevrolet of Savannah, located just a short drive from St. Joseph and Kansas City. Our experts will ensure that your suspension works perfectly to deliver a safe and enjoyable driving experience.